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A product designer who is able to deliver feasible innovation.


Hi there!


My name is Sungbum Park and I was born in Seoul, South Korea. Since I was a kid, I was curious about EVERYTHING. I asked my mom a lot of “Why?” questions about everything from nature to products. I was fascinated by the brilliant solutions that people came up with. I admired those innovators, pioneers, and creators a lot. I also wanted to be a person who can suggest better solutions that help make the world a progressive place.


I decided to major in mechanical engineering to understand the mechanism of products. But I wanted to do more than engineering and I’m designing products at ArtCenter to express and realize my ideas. I am now considering the manufacturing process and how things will work when I’m designing a new product. I believe this balanced sense is one of the most important abilities of a product designer.


I prefer to design especially consumer electronics because it is always in contact with the technology and thousands of new opportunities are still existing. This drives me to imagine “what might be the next?” Like the people who I've admired since my childhood, I will keep finding and sharing solutions to lead the world worthy.


Thank you for looking at my work!


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