Confidential Thrombectomy System

A thrombectomy system that redefines peripheral vascular thrombus management.


- Multidisciplinary collaboration

- Create mockups to make sure the user experience

- Work closely with the client's engineering team

existing products in the market

Our goal was redefining the system of the thrombectomy procedure and designing devices based on its unique technology.

To make it happen, our design and engineering teams have worked closely with the client from the beginning.

Each week, we delivered wide range of concepts and narrowed down it quickly and efficiently.

We also made lots of prototypes to check ergonomics and usability with the client.

There are lots of constraints and requirements such as extremely compact space and physical/visual clarity.

Far from this, with some refinement, the client is discussing with its advisors about the UI/UX.

Further process and information available upon request.

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